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About Us

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Trustcare Group Home, Inc.


Trustcare Group Home, Inc. is a premier adult foster care home that specializes in providing care services for persons with certain types and levels of mental illness, developmental disabilities, and neurological injuries.

We have five adult foster care homes – three of which are in Redford, MI and two are in Wyandotte, MI. Each of our adult foster care home is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. We make every effort to make our residents as comfortable as possible and we strive to create a safe, warm, and loving environment that feels like a second home.

Each facility is also staffed with experienced care professionals who deliver a broad range of services including personal care, life-fulfilling activities, and more. They dedicate their skills, time, and knowledge to help each resident live a happier and healthier life.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest possible care of assisted living in a residential facility devoid of barriers in all our adult foster care homes for persons with certain levels of mental illness, developmental disabilities, neurological injury, and the elderly in the communities that we serve.

Our Vision Statement

To become a leader in the provision of high-quality, person-centered services and assistance with personal care, community integration, and life-fulfilling activities for the persons we serve in our adult foster care homes.

Our Core Values

Our core values are Trust, Respect, and Commitment.

Learn more about Trustcare Group Home, Inc. by calling 248-569-1101 / 248-569-1102 (Corporate Office). If you want to reach out to our different homes, please proceed to our Contact Us page for complete details.